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She obviously leaves UFC fans with their tongues hanging out, but she also has that effect on some of the fighters – sometimes even while they’re in the ring!For example, UFC welterweight Josh Burkman was in the middle of a bout with Chad Reiner.One key thing to note here, watch how he is constantly leading, observe how he picks out a venue where all the chips are stacked in his favor.He could take her to any restaurant, but no, he takes her to one that his friend owns, and then shows up with a dramatic entrance through the kitchen.Her skills and body have landed her sponsorships with Oakley, Infinity Surfboards and Power Bar. 1 Russian professional tennis player who has won 23 WTA singles titles, including three Grand Slam singles titles, but it's Sharapova's body that has brought her to another level of fame.She was named one of the 50 most beautiful celebrities in the world by Who says women can't play football?

Anderson Silva couldn’t have been more loose and relaxed in the entire show.

Not only should they be proud of their physique but also be happy with pleasing their fans. While she grew as a surfer after being introduced at a young age, Doherty didn't have to try hard to maintain her body.

Their intense diets only further improve their already blessed bodies. Growing up near a cove with two parents who were surfers, Doherty entered her first competition at seven years old.

Making a dramatic entrance is an easy way to get noticed when you walk in anywhere. His movement, his confidence (inside and out of the ring) is amazing.

He is comfortable with himself and with her and it really shines through.

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