Vb net bindingsource not updating

Then atleast you should expect some change when the list is updated. In button save click you add an item to the list, this is now fine if you done the above.

First of I would say that your binding source has the wrong Datasource.

I'm developing a software for a supermarket, but i'm having problems with the connection to the database.

I'm trying to make all the connections and transactions programmatically (Data Sets, Binding Sources and so).

I've already managed to connect with SQL Server Express 2008, using a Function ("consulta") inside a Module ("db"): Dim ad As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter Function consulta(By Val tabela As String, Optional opt As Boolean = False, Optional optparam As String = "") As Data Set Dim ds As New Data Set Try Dim connstring As String = "Data Source=NOTEBOOK\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=Sys Market; Persist Security Info=True; User ID=admin; Password=XXXXXX" Dim con Obj As New Sql Connection(connstring) Dim sql As String If opt = True Then sql = "SELECT * FROM " & tabela & " " & optparam Else sql = "SELECT * FROM " & tabela End If Dim cmd As Sql Command = New Sql Command(sql, con Obj) ad.

Update(data, table Name) End Using End Sub Private Sub btn Save_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btn Save.

And even better - if you have an update event attached to each data item in the bindningsource you can locate the object in the bindning source and use the index of the object to call Reset Item(idx) In this case my custom event args contains a dictionary key to the data object contained in a separate collection.

Clear() Return ds End Try End Function Dim ds As Data Set = db.consulta("departamentos") Private Sub cad_departamento_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles My Base. That gives you limited flexibility but if you're just doing single-table operations then you don't need that added flexibility. Save Changes("departamentos", "INSERT INTO departamentos VALUES('', " & Text Box2.My Custom Collection my Collection = new My Custom Collection(); my Collection. Add(my Custom Object3); The problem is Fill Adaptor. Just make sure to do a Refill and then follow up with Reset bindings post any data changes and Grid will get refreshed. However, they tend to be aweful in the way that they give no information what so ever why they aren't working. Bindingsources are really useful when used together with a DGV.

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Visible = False End If End Sub Private Sub btnadd_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btnadd.

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