Updating database in vb net

Show("You have little overtime") Else If remarks = "PRESENT" Then Message Box.

Add(New My Sql Parameter("@noon_remarks", remarks)) com. Execute Non Query() If remarks = "OVERTIME" Then Message Box.

Message) End Try End Sub is a SELECT statement and cannot update anything when this command is executed Said that, I suggest to correctly implement a parameterized query for every part of your query, and, of course, use the correct statement that updates your record sql = "UPDATE attendance SET [email protected]_out, [email protected]_remarks " & _ "WHERE id_no= @id AND date LIKE @dt and am_out is null" Try With com .

Show("You Log out on time") End If Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex.

Thank you so much, that was where my problem was, it was the date. Besides this is just an internal project, not a public release. " cmd = New Ole Db Command(str, my Connection) cmd. Add With Value("@jounal Title", My Journal Title ) cmd. Add With Value("@journal Text", My Journal Text) cmd. I just used Hansup's method for a quick fix, however i will look into parametrized queries for future use.

I'm just trying to help you understand why the original attempt may have failed. Execute Non Query() Unfortunetly I did try that, however it came up with a long error and failed to work.

In the page, you can select a record, edit it, and then save it to the database. As with fetching a single record, the update requires that you set some parameters and then execute a statement (in this case, an Update statement).

Execute Non Query() Msg Box("Transaction Recorded.") txtmem_id.

:) the error was gone the problem is in my database where I set the borrower column to number instead of text that's why it displays an error datatype mismatch..

I want to make it so that any changes they have made to the journal (editing the textbox fields) are also changed in the database when they click the update button. Open() Dim Date Picked As String = Date Time Picker1.

Value Dim cmd As Ole Db Command Dim str As String Try My Journal Title = Title Txt. Text str = "UPDATE Journals SET Journal Title='" & My Journal Title & "', Journal Text='" & My Journal Text & "' WHERE Journal Date=" & Date Picked cmd = New Ole Db Command(str, my Connection) cmd.

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Open() Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command("UPDATE books SET Borrowed_By = 'h', Bk_Status = 'Borrowed', Bk_From = '" & txtborrow_from.

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