Updating a bungalow

As you can see, this little bungalow was in desperate need of a facelift!The roof had recently been replaced, but the greenery was completely overgrown and the exterior had been neglected over the years.I have more than 40 years of memories stored within its walls.It is a place I have always felt welcomed, protected, and loved unconditionally. My Grandma is 95 now, still living in the house she moved to more than 55 years ago with my grandpa and her two sons (my dad and uncle).I think you can see from it how much life, energy, and love she has. Visiting her home for the first time after several years’ absence, I realized how much my ideas have been influenced by my Grandma and the home she made.As we’ve shared before, both Cane and I generally favor preserving (or restoring) the original character and features of a house.The light fixtures, sink, and faucet had been in the attic two full years, the stove and dishwasher on the back porch for about 18 months. I stored them in the dining room where they sat taunting me, a reminder of how ridiculous this renovation had become. They were hoping I would consider being a last minute addition to their September 23rd Bungalow Walk. It was the impetus I needed to get this thing completed, and with the help of my amazing friends was able to pull it off in one month... The hood was wired and installed at 2 AM the morning of the walk, and the tour volunteers helped take the plastic off of the appliances.I knew I had to forge ahead, but finances and my busy work schedule (and side business) got in the way. I was still finishing when the first tour attendees entered the front door.

It took almost two years but Andrew finally put the finishing touches on his new kitchen and is ready to share it with the world. Andrew knew all along that he wanted to update the kitchen ...

The room then sat virtually empty for an additional year.

In order to make this financially feasible, components were purchased as I could afford them and they would sit, unused, waiting to be installed.

There is a special place in my heart for a bungalow, since they beckon back to a time where life was simpler and moms watched their kids play in the backyard from the window at the kitchen sink.

Much to my pleasure, several of these neighbourhoods, chalk-a-block full of bungalows, are undergoing a Renaissance.

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