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The Scene: A bad guy blows up Air Force 1 - Iron Man catches everyone as they plummet towards the ocean.Tony’s take: “Everything’s based on altitude - at 10,000 feet, you’re still able to maneuver around the outside of an aircraft, so if you’re well trained and have those acrobatic skills…

I wouldn’t say that’s standard, but this particular one told me that.Lee Ermey If you run, then you should be running outside in winter My open letter to Rob Ford Fat shaming and the “Fit Mom” Trends in fitness – What’s hot and what’s not A powerful fitness motivation tool you should use Is training for a race good for weight loss? How booze makes you fat Sons of Anarchy workout – an interview with Theo Rossi Are steroids addictive? But even when the forecast is for below-zero weather, I’d still rather go outside than run on a treadmill. Workout tips from female fitness stars I love my job. Some fitness programs are a challenge to your manhood just by their name. My 20 rules of being a man It seems like everyone’s a douchebag these days. I’ve made past attempts to classify the various subspecies of gym-goer, but my work is not yet complete. Buying guide for runners It’s been a few millennia since the only running gear you needed was a spear and a loincloth. Although intellectually I scoff at the ridiculousness of Burger King’s homage to grease and sugar, my emotional response to the bacon sundae is less logical. Adam van Koeverden interview Canadian kayaker Adam van Koeverden knows the view from all three Olympic podium positions.How not to fall for the next fitness fad How to pick up women at the gym Why fat can make you fat The problem with protein Yeah, I actually interviewed the screenwriter for Sharknado Five ways to stay lean on your summer vacation Four ways your gym is screwing you Interview with Sibel Kekilli – “Shae” – from Game of Thrones 10 pieces of home exercise equipment worth having Which is better for you, running or cycling? How many people get to have a job that entails interviewing hot women with amazing bodies? Are you insane enough to complete Insanity, or are you a pussy? How to get in James Bond shape Daniel Craig has brought a new level of badassery to James Bond. Myriad times I’ve been referred to as a plastic container filled with a vinegar and water solution. Some of these characters can be considered annoying, others unusual or simply amusing. Oh, and lots of hunger to motivate you to run something to death so you’d be known as “provider of meat” (aka the guy who gets all the chicks) to the tribe. Stay active forever by creating a fitness bucket list OK, so the movie was a bit of a downer, but it can still teach us a thing or two about establishing goals and then setting out to achieve them. Not a gifted athlete as a child, he started kayaking at the age of 13 to find his athletic Zen. My fitness motivation secrets Time to put the “interactive” in internet. The truth about six-pack abs I am amazed that naturally skinny people even exist. For most of human history, we’ve lived on the edge of starvation.I got a Vitamix, the manliest of blenders The “Food Babe” and nutrition fear mongering The benefits of weight machines Should you be doing Cross Fit The myth about food addiction My adventure in Vail, Colorado Can exercise make you fatter? Oz and weight loss quackery Fitness interview with actor Terry Crews Fat shaming and Louis CK Boston Marathon Quest Series: Interview with champion surfer Laird Hamilton Has your New Year’s resolution failed? Modern society, with its deadline-driven focus on working us to death, is working us to death. I’m not one of those judgmental dicks who craps on people for doing Zumba or elliptical trainers or what have you. I’ve never been tempted to buy some body-bow-blade-ellipto-flex-ab-cruncher because such things are crap and it’s not a healthy attitude. Gym injuries and how to avoid them After more than 18 years of being a regular gym-goer, I have some tales of pain and woe.Super foods are super full of crap I interviewed the Myth Busters, hich made me a cool dad My case for drinking your veggies Warrior-based training My interview with actor R. In an age when only about 20% percent of people get any exercise at all (and only 5% get a considerable amount), simply doing anything is what matters. The benefits of interval training It gets cold where I live. I see exercise as not only about achieving goals, but a righteously ass-kicking attitude that needs to be embraced with vigor until the day I dirt-nap. My definition of fit and healthy So many magazines with glossy photos, ripped abs, bulging biceps, boobs…Yeah, sometimes I look at the women’s fitness mags, too. Any men who are reading this may wish to cross their legs at this point. People at the gym, Part 3 If you’ve ever spent time in a gym, you have noticed it’s a place where interesting characters can congregate. A political party in Sweden has tabled a motion to ban urinals in office restrooms and wants men to squat to pee. Why the bacon sundae isn’t really such a travesty Once again people have their panties in a bunch over the latest disgusting fast food concoction.

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