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You answer your phone to talk to your husband and wife. This is your husband and your wife,” say your husband and wife.“I’m your wife,” says your husband.“I’m you,” says your wife.“One husband and one wife,” your husband and wife say in unison. It’s time to walk through this city’s hallowed gates and start fucking and killing all the stuff that’s here so that God will destroy it for insurance money.We’ve been hard at work since revealing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PSX building a story and an experience that joins a new protagonist, fan favorite Chloe Frazer, with all of the hallmarks of an Uncharted adventure.Today, we’re excited to share new footage and additional details about the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for—beginning with our release date.

That night Dolores and William are walking and talking when he makes an offhand remark about the “real world” which Dolores actually picks up on, much to his surprise. But before they can get into that, Dolores spies HERSELF in a parade of people.

Naughty is coming with It will be out this month, December 13, 2011. You've got thirteen new songs, and some throwbacks. When we were New Style, we felt like we had the talent but we needed the political icing on the cake. T: We always get ready to give her enough time to get ready and she calls us.

Stepping up for this album release that's coming out, the first album in a minute. I said, "I'm going to do one better for ya'll, I'm going to put the album up and show you." MR: Did "Scuffin' Those Knees" bring you to the attention of Queen Latifah or was it something else? MR: Speaking of Queen Latifah, on this album, she's on the song "God Is Us." KG: Queen Latifah has always been there from Day One.

T: No, we're playing tomorrow, but we're doing a sound check for everything. You have to know where you come from to know where you're going." That just shows we've been putting it down and putting a lot of work in, and that shows you that it doesn't happen over night. We was tearing up every single talent show and everything. It was just about finding the best management and people to take us into the right buildings as far as labels were concerned, and take us out of the ghetto element. We make a Naughty album and we feature family on there.

Just gearing up and getting ready for the release of this new album, how have you been? So, you've got your new album and it's also your twentieth anniversary as Naughty By Nature. I will do one for you, I will post the album up," so I did. I was saying, "Hey man, we're proud of our history, we've been doing this for a long time. We don't want you to think that it sounds like a gang of everybody else and Naughty was on it.

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