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Added 03-2002: There was some discussion on your pages regarding possible new developments in the Netherlands.

First, the statement that the AOC is intended to go up from 16 to 18 is incorrect.

For each item in the passport captions are provided in Dutch, English and French.This is a confusion with one of the following changes that did take place, or are planned to take place in the future: * Since October 2000, it is a crime to have sex with a _prostitute_ under the age of 18.* There are plans to increase the age under which pictures that contain a sexual behaviour are _child porn_ from 16 to 18.Especially, the current 12/16 will probably be changed to a flat 16.It has been approved by parliament earlier this year, but I think that this was an approval of the principle, not of an actual law (the abovementioned child porn law change is part of the same packet).

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Naar schatting zijn er in Nederland en België 200 tot 250 datingwebsites.

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