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Additional Information: Between 07/08/15 1500 hours and 07/22/15 1930 hours, the Victim parked his vehicle in a parking garage near his residence.

The Victim discovered his vehicle was missing when he returned from being out of the country. Additional Information: The vehicle is mostly stock, with yellow and grey two tone vinyl seats, black carpet, and the underside of the convertible top is also black.

Original quarters, door skins, fenders, and floor pans, no radio in dash, front mount radio antenna. RO reports the plastic lens cover on the speedometer is weathered looking at the base and yellowish in color.

Perhaps even more importantly, we want to help you find a good value in one of the most affordable VW cars for 2017 college graduates!That means that engineers couldn't make extensive changes to the body to improve the bulbous Beetle's aerodynamic profile. The suspension was modified so the car sits lower to the ground, and a front air dam was added to help prevent air from going underneath and lifting the car at high speeds.The interior was replaced with a roll-cage and racing seat, and the standard tires were replaced with high-speed racing tires.Herta’s team concludes its first season in the series this week.CHIP GANASSI RACING Nightmare season for Subaru has included a couple missed rounds and only a handful of final round appearances, with no podiums.

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