Dating usmc us dog tags

The tags often indicate religious preference as well.

Dog tags are usually fabricated from a corrosion-resistant metal.

The other difference is the elimination of the full name on the Marine dogtags, which was replaced with full last name on Line 1, and only the first and middle initials followed by the Blood Type on Line 2.

In more recent times, dog tags were provided to Chinese soldiers as early as the mid-19th century.

More info: So come WW2 the "Old Breed" would have yet another distinguishing mark to set them apart. I always knew that my Grandfather served in the Marines and was always told that I needed "4 in the core." I do not know much else about his service though.

I do believe that his service was in the mid 1940's. My Grandfather died a couple of years ago and I found his dog tags today.

Abbreviations used above: 123 45 6789 Social Security Number O POS, A POS, A , A- Blood Type NO PREF No Religeous Preference Others are listed by name of religion.

TET Tetanus Shot T43 Tetanus Shot and Year RA12345678 Regular Army Service Number L, M, S Gas Mask Size, L=Large M=Med.

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