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It probably couldn’t have been a more perfect match – she was attractive, incredibly enthusiastic about her work, well- traveled, easy to talk to, and had a very kind heart.I definitely would not have had the opportunity to meet her without Society W’s introduction.Within the first week of setting up the group, 50 members joined and someone suggested that I organise events for singles too so I did.

It was organized by a singles’ event group for Chinese singles and was a relaxing evening spent at the bar, where the ladies stayed seated but the guys moved around in their own time to meet the ladies.At Society W, we know how time-consuming and exhausting the dating game can be. You know that it would be great to have a trained professional manage your dating life for you, but yet deep down inside, you feel a Join our database today, and let us introduce you to someone from our list of exceptional members. We've now opened our doors in beautiful Switzerland! To find out more about our Privilege and Elite memberships, feel free visit our Memberships page, or send us a private message.But as thoughts of leaving the singles club emerged, the 33-year-old nurse realised that a dwindling social circle stood in his way.Having spent “little time and effort on dating in the past”, the Singaporean decided it was time to change things.

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  1. In 1990 he was appointed to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Board, holding that post until his election in 1994 to the state assembly. Before stepping down in 2000 because of term limitations, Villaraigosa led initiatives to improve public schools and expand water-quality enforcement, and he was the author of a state program, Healthy Families, that expanded coverage for the children of low-income families.

  2. Women told me stories of being hit on at work by “FDBs” (finance douche bags) who hadn’t even bothered to take off their wedding rings, or sitting through Monday-morning meetings that started with stories about who had banged whom (or what) that weekend.