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The 43-year-old actor is engaged to marry girlfriend Brittany Lopez after more than three years of dating.Slater confirmed the happy news during an appearance on the Feb. But he admitted that he originally thought Lopez wasn't his type."I am quite emotionally fragile, and not at all like the characters I play," she says. The serenity that marriage and motherhood have brought to Kingston was hard-won, though.In LA she stayed with Alfred Molina and Jill Gascoigne, won the part of Elizabeth Corday in ER (the producers had admired her gutsy performance as Moll Flanders) and got chummy with cast members Julianne Margulies, Anthony Edwards and George Clooney, who taught her how to play basketball."I was very nervous when I met him because I thought it was some awful newspaper scam where I was being set up: he was going to get to know me, get all the intimate details then publicise it. It makes me cringe to think of it now." They married on impulse in 1999, while on a Christmas holiday in Santa Fe.

In 1997, feeling worthless and suicidal, Alex Kingston quit Britain for an uncertain future in Los Angeles.

I, for example, chose perhaps an extremely cautious approach to purity, not even kissing my girlfriend until the pastor told me at the altar, “Ted, you may kiss your bride.” Others practicing the principles of biblical dating might not hold to such an extreme conviction.

I would be interested in your thoughts on these principles.

In this role, Slater drew comparisons to Jack Nicholson from some critics.

Off screen, Slater got in trouble with the law that December.

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I have to say that most Christian dating includes some of these characteristics, even if it’s fundamentally based on “modern dating.” The thing about Scott’s model is that it presents a set of principles built from the ground up on the five characteristics listed above.

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