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Anne: I think it’s only that we’re not allowed to appear as Chasers …or, more broadly, we shouldn’t be quiz contestants, say on Mastermind. Paul’s been on the longlist for QI for quite some time. Although a journalist told me that Sandi has spoken well of me, so who knows? I once said to him, apropos of his workload, ‘My great fear is that you’re going to have a heart attack.’ He said, ‘Oh, but I love it.’ I can’t imagine anyone else being able to do the ordinary-bloke schtick as well as he does, and the way he can go riffing off a daft fact that someone’s just come up with.But never fear, the show, which sees a ruthless and witty quiz titan chase down money-hungry contestants, is about to return. We all have our favourite Chaser, whether it’s frosty Anne Hegerty, moody Shaun Wallace, sarcastic Paul Sinha or fearsome Mark Labbett but there is now a fifth genius seeking to destroy financial dreams of got to know ‘Bolton Braniac’ Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, to find out what is in store for the contestants she faces.To combat this nonsense, we should all make a point of asking each other what’s for tea this week.Hell, you could even ask your other half (of whichever sex) what’s for breakfast or lunch!If they lose, they are eliminated - but if they succeed, they get the prize they chose, which goes towards a cumulative cash fund.

A sexism row flared up after he made comments about the way Kenny was looking at his fiancée, Olympic hero Laura Trott, after their gold medal wins. I’m not proud of it, but I need to get it off my chest. The thing is sometimes I DO ask my wife what’s for tea… It’s because I’m a curious sort, and have an interest in what I might be putting in my belly. If the reactions at the velodrome had been reversed, Boardman might just as easily have said that Laura Trott looked like she was asking Jason Kenny what’s for tea.

Oh, and yes, there IS going to be a Text Santa Christmas Special.

Metro: Who would your ideal team of celebrities be to face on the show?

As Saturday nights are made infinitely better by the return of The Chase Celebrity Specials, we braced ourselves and caught up with the indomitable quiz genius to find out some backstage secrets.

Here, Anne reveals her ideal celebrity opponents, the mutual friend she unexpectedly shares with colleague Paul Sinha and her hopes for the show’s future…

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When she was able to use her considerable headstart to win, the pair's balance plummeted to £26,000, and they were ultimately then defeated in the final round.

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